Build Your Family Story.

Children grow in the blink of an eye. Every parent has heard it before, but it is true. Professionally capturing each stage of life will create a beautiful complement to everyday snapshots, a visual story to return to again and again. So don’t wait to invest in your family’s visual narrative!

As a mother of three with ten years of professional experience in portrait photography, Kristen loves capturing family personalities in a playful and efficient way. Sessions are limited and often fill quickly, so book now to grab your spot. 

What my clients say about me

“Kristen worked her magic on our motley crew. It is no small task photographing a two month old, two year old and six year old but she made it look and feel effortless and fun. With so much behind the scenes nose wiping it is so unbelievable to see what her lens captured. She has such an eye for composing something unique. Pure magic. And a gift I will treasure for years to come. I could not recommend her more for someone who is so great at capturing the essence of the individuals she photographs. A clean, smiling, showered essence – which you know…can be hard to capture.”

Andrea Black

“We chose to go with the top package Kristen offered as we wanted to have family pictures that didn’t look like we chose the usual local sports team color or ‘everyone wears white’ themes. Kristen built us ‘mood boards’ and then even helped us shop via Amazon for inexpensive and refined look for our outfits. We changed outfits during the shoot and had multiple photo sets we participated in. We still do an annual quick mini shoot, but never have had a regret for the custom photoshoot.”

Jada Pulliam

“Kristen beautifully captured my kids’ personalities so wonderfully in our pictures. She was patient when they were being a little crazy and was willing to follow them around as needed while they got out their energy. The photos she took will continue to be treasures in our family.”

Jenny Dew

“Kristen is the best!! She made my 3 year old daughter so comfortable and caught her personality perfectly. She will give you direction and help with every step of the process, making it a stress free and fun day with your family taking pictures. You will not be disappointed with her and we even drive from Houston to College Station.. she is worth the trip!”

Krista Allen